Shopify Template: What’s new in Shopify 3.0

This template will help you create and manage your shopify store in one place.It’s designed to work with the Shopify Cloud Platform and includes a list of shopify features you can add, edit, or delete.You can also share the template with your team so you can easily review your changes and submit feedback.This template is […] →Read more

The GoodNotes Blog: Christmas Tree Template

You can find a list of all the templates you can use to create your own Christmas tree, but if you want to create a Christmas tree in a more elegant way, we recommend using the GoodNotes templates template.It is a free and open source template for creating tree templates, including a Christmas one.You can […] →Read more

Google resume templates: The perfect fit for the resume template

Google resume template for your next Google job. If you’re looking for the perfect Google resume, here’s what you need to know. Google resumes are now the most popular resume template in Canada, and are increasingly becoming the preferred format for companies looking to fill job vacancies. “Google resume templates have a lot of potential,” says Stephanie Gantt, […] →Read more

‘Taco Truck’ comic template, free comic template

Breitbart News’ free comic templates are the latest in a growing trend of comics and graphic novels being created by people with an eye towards making a profit.These comics and comic books are the work of a small team of dedicated fans with an intense focus on bringing a variety of genres to life in […] →Read more

Which resume templates are the best for your resume?

I’m a big fan of template generators like CodePen and Trello, but this post has been particularly helpful for me when it comes to creating a resume template.I’ve found it to be an incredibly valuable resource for creating a professional resume template, as it gives you a clear template that can be easily followed, as […] →Read more

How to make the most of this ‘buy this and you’ll be fine’ pamphlet template

When it comes to the latest marketing trends and products, many people want to know how to get the most bang for their buck, so they can make money and save.But how can you create a pamphlet that will get you in the door?Here are the most common mistakes people make, according to research by […] →Read more

How to get the 2018 calendar template from the Microsoft website

Microsoft has unveiled a new calendar template for the 2020 calendar.The calendar template is a follow up to the calendar template created in 2014.The new calendar calendar template allows you to use the Microsoft Calendar app to create and share your own calendars and events.In this video, you can see how the calendar templates are […] →Read more

Which Meme Should You Use for Your Resume Template?

Here’s a question that’s been on my mind for some time now: Which meme is the best template for your resume template?The answer to this question is, of course, a resounding “I think Google” and, even more so, “Google+”.In fact, I’m going to take the liberty of giving you the template that will best suit […] →Read more

What if the media wanted to stop Trump from tweeting? | The American Interest

By Mark SchlabachA few months ago, I was invited to join a panel of journalists who were planning to speak on a panel about the future of the media.My role was to discuss what it would take to stop the President from tweeting and what should be done to prevent Trump from doing it.As I […] →Read more