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  • What’s in the Google News app for Indian readers?

    Google is offering a number of new features to its Hindi-language news app in India, including a new search engine for Hindi-speaking users.Google has made the app more accessible to users of other languages and is adding new search options for those users.Google News for Hindi users is now available on the App Store, as […]

  • See the new flower at the World Heritage Site in Cambodia

    The Cambodia flower is an iconic symbol of the country’s modern and powerful past, and a symbol of what can happen when a leader becomes obsessed with an abstract idea.But while the flower was planted on the Cambodian national monument in May, it has since been lost amid the ongoing Cambodian Revolution.The country’s new President […]

  • The GoodNotes Blog: Christmas Tree Template

    You can find a list of all the templates you can use to create your own Christmas tree, but if you want to create a Christmas tree in a more elegant way, we recommend using the GoodNotes templates template.It is a free and open source template for creating tree templates, including a Christmas one.You can […]

  • ‘Taco Truck’ comic template, free comic template

    Breitbart News’ free comic templates are the latest in a growing trend of comics and graphic novels being created by people with an eye towards making a profit.These comics and comic books are the work of a small team of dedicated fans with an intense focus on bringing a variety of genres to life in […]

  • How to get free gift cards for the new holiday season

    1 of 2 Don’t miss our roundup of the week’s best articles.The Irish Times/YouTube/ Getty ImagesIn November, the Irish Times published an obituary of former Prime Minister Enda Kenny.It said that he died in December 2015 aged 69.In an interview with RTÉ Radio One last month, he said that his father was a political leader […]

  • When the IRS says it won’t enforce ‘unfair’ IRS rules

    The IRS has issued a directive to all tax preparers saying that the agency will not enforce a recent order to stop processing applications for refunds and other tax relief, The Hill reported.The IRS said in a memo to tax prepareters that the IRS will not make changes to the process for refund requests, which […]

  • Which companies ship to which destinations?

    The best places to ship to is one of the most important factors for many companies, and the new U.S. Census Bureau survey is likely to be one of its most valuable in a long time.The new report, released Monday, will be a boon for companies trying to make a comeback in the U.K., Australia, […]

  • How to find the right onenotes template for your story

    This article contains content that some readers may find offensive.For the full story, please read the ABC News on-air disclaimer.Some stories will contain content that is not suitable for children.Some content may contain graphic content.Some story elements may contain a story-within-a-story element.For example, the ABC’s Australian Story features a story that features the Australian flag […]

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