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  • “I’d like to help my friend” – “I wouldn’t want to help him”

    By Matt Serna, The Associated Press Google is building a team of 10,000 software engineers to help customers with more complex software problems.The move comes amid the broader rollout of Android and a push to improve customer service.Google says it’s hiring more than 10,200 software engineers, up from 9,500 in August.The company also said it […]

  • Why is a new class of student-loan debtors so lucrative?

    Student-loans are a lucrative source of income for people on the edge, but a new trend has emerged where people are borrowing to pay for things they don’t need.In the latest ABC News Online Money blog, MoneyWatch Australia’s executive director, Mark Cianfrance, explores why student-debtors are finding ways to make a lot of money.The trend […]

  • Which SpongeBob memes are you most likely to see on YouTube?

    In a world where SpongeBob meme creator PewDiePie has become an international phenomenon, we wanted to find out which memes are the most popular on YouTube.So, we compiled a list of the most-viewed videos of all time.Here’s how we found them.1.SpongeBob’s Big Splash – 1.7 billion viewsThis video was created in 2015.It’s a parody of […]

  • The Future of Work: Bootstrap and the New Paradigm

    This article was originally published on the Australian Financial Market and is reproduced here with permission.The future of work has been the topic of discussion among academics, journalists and investors for decades.But the debate about what will be done about it has never been more pertinent, says Michaela Jansen, managing director of the consulting firm […]

  • How to find the best new office space

    Businesses have a variety of options for their new office locations, from traditional office towers to more flexible buildings.We’ve rounded up the best options for the office space market, whether it’s a modern office tower or a modern-day office.Source The Irish Time title The most expensive office space in the world?Source The New York Times […]

  • Why did I hire the same person every time I got a job?

    I hired the same friend every time.He was the first person I got hired.He wasn’t the first, but he was the best.The first person who would know about me, and what I wanted to do.He would know where I wanted my career to go, where I could go.And he knew everything about me and everything […]

  • A guide to the most popular resumes template

    You can use Google’s resume templates to make sure your resume looks professional and organized, and it’s easy to customize.Here’s how to create your own.1.Make a blank resume template You can create your resume template by clicking on a button below or by copying the text below.2.Find the “About Me” box You can choose the […]

  • Crypto-currency company Blockchain has released its own version of Microsoft Word template for presentations, including slide show slides.

    Crypto-currencies company Blockchain announced today that it has released a version of its Microsoft Word presentation template.The presentation template has been updated to provide slide show, text, and presentation elements for presentations.The new Microsoft Word document template is based on the “Microsoft Word 2016” version of the document template, which was released in April 2016.The […]

  • Why will cryptocurrency price soar if we don’t have a currency to trade it in?

    We’re all familiar with bitcoin, but is there any way to use the cryptocurrency to purchase things online?The answer is yes. This is an article that will provide you with a detailed roadmap for the future of cryptocurrency.This article will guide you through the steps you need to take to make cryptocurrency transactions more efficient and […]


    BINGo Cards are a great way to decorate any room, whether you are a professional or hobbyist.They are easy to make and they come in a wide range of sizes.You can make them for a simple desk or a more intricate room, and they are easy enough to print.We found that the templates we found […]

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