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  • Google slides templates: Business proposal template

    The template used for Google’s business proposal template.It has been created by Google and is available for free on the Google Webmaster Tools page.The template contains five main sections: A business overview section, an introduction section, two sections for discussing a proposal and a final section.The template’s business section contains a breakdown of the proposed […]

  • How to create a Bingo Card Template with Excel spreadsheets

    The following Excel spreadsheet can help you create your own Bingo card.First, find your Bingo Cards template and click “Next.”Once you’ve created your template, double-click it and it will open up a new spreadsheet, so select “View” and click the “File” icon.Now you can save your template and copy and paste it to a document […]

  • Which is the best free invitation template for beginners?

    A free invitation is an email invitation sent out to people who are already signing up for a free trial account and is meant to be a quick way of getting their email address.Free invites are also used in the most popular email marketing strategies, such as newsletters.A very popular free invitation can be a […]

  • How to get the 2018 calendar template from the Microsoft website

    Microsoft has unveiled a new calendar template for the 2020 calendar.The calendar template is a follow up to the calendar template created in 2014.The new calendar calendar template allows you to use the Microsoft Calendar app to create and share your own calendars and events.In this video, you can see how the calendar templates are […]

  • How Israel is fighting back against ISIS, Al Qaeda, the West’s fake news

    ISIS, the Syrian regime and Iran have united against Israel, and the only thing that Israel can do is fight back with its own propaganda, the latest of which has emerged in a series of videos posted by the Islamic State group (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).The videos, first posted on Monday and uploaded on Tuesday, were […]

  • Which browser is best for you?

    The answer to this question is often one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about your personal computing options.We’ve already covered a number of browsers in this article, and you may be wondering which browser is the best for your needs.We’ve got a number ways to choose between these browsers in […]

  • When Google hires a new CEO, you get your resume template in Google Docs

    If you’re looking for an email template for your resume or résumé, Google has it.The template is part of a new update to the Google Doc app that Google says will be rolling out to the app on June 30th.This is part two of a two-part article, which explains how you can create a template […]

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