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  • How to get an Obamacare refund in 30 days

    A new report shows how to file for a refund in just 30 days and save money on your next bill.The report, which was published on Thursday, comes as the Trump administration is struggling to negotiate a bill that can pass the Senate.The Tax Policy Center estimates the administration would save $1.2 trillion in 2019 […]

  • Meet the leaders who’ll make the news this election season

    “The biggest news story of the year,” the New York Times headline declared at the start of its story about the 2016 presidential election.The article, published on Nov. 18, said the election would be “the most consequential election in modern American history.”“A month later, the nation’s first woman is president,” it continued.“This election is shaping […]

  • What you need to know about Wix and Google’s new templates

    Wix, the world’s first open source WordPress theme, has announced a new version of its template engine, Wix.The new Wix 2.0 is the result of months of work from Wix developers, and it is the latest of several WordPress-based template engines, including WP-Engine and WP-Flex, that Wix is working on.Wix is a free, open source, […]

  • How to build a timeline template for Facebook

    From the very first page, Facebook has built a timeline to help you stay in touch with your friends and loved ones.The platform’s creators have been using it for years, but now, you can use it to create your own timeline, as well as embed your timeline into your Facebook pages.Here’s how to create a […]

  • How to sign an email signature: How to use Google+ email signature templates

    Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the Google+ sign-in template to create an email message signature template.Google+ offers a variety of sign-ins for your Google+ profile.These sign-outs are not automatically signed, however.You have to manually enter the email address of your Google Plus account and the email signature you want to use.Here’s how […]

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