How to make a SpongeBob meme template that looks like a Christmas letter template

Today I wanted to share a simple template that uses the SpongeBob theme to create a Christmas card.

For some reason, this template does not look very SpongeBob-y.

This template will make you feel a bit more at home, so here it is: SpongeBob Card Template This template has two sections:

Title Title: {{ title }}}

Hello, {{ title | message }}!

I love you, {{ message }}.

{{ poster }}

The first section has a few important parts:

Hello{{ title }}!, {{ title || message }}


This is the main header of the template.

The title is just a simple text string, which we can use to add some flair to the template for future use.

The message is a simple image of a SpongeBob character, and we will use that for a poster message.

We can also add some text to it for a Christmas greeting.

This is where the template’s section is defined.

This is the section of the page where we will store the card’s title, the message, and the image.

Photo by Jason Varga

This section has some important functions, such as creating a template for the template to use for the poster message, making sure that the template has the correct name for the card, and displaying a banner for the message.