What’s in the Google News app for Indian readers?

Google is offering a number of new features to its Hindi-language news app in India, including a new search engine for Hindi-speaking users.

Google has made the app more accessible to users of other languages and is adding new search options for those users.

Google News for Hindi users is now available on the App Store, as well as on Android and iOS, with the latest update coming today.

The app now includes a new “search engine” in Hindi, which enables users to search for news articles, news stories, and video content in Hindi and the other official languages of India.

Users of Google News in Hindi can access it by going to the Google app store and tapping on “app,” and then tapping on the Hindi word for “News,” followed by a new option to “Find news.”

The app currently has an English version, but Google is currently working on an Indian version.

The news search engine has been integrated into Google News’ “mobile app,” which will be released soon.

Users can search for Hindi news articles by going into the app, tapping on a story, then tapping “Search for,” and clicking on “Google News for Indian users.”

Google has also expanded the search options available for users of the app in Hindi.

For example, users can search “news” in English and Hindi, and “newswire” in either of those languages.

Users can also search by topics in Hindi using the Hindi keyword in the search bar.

Users also have the option of filtering news content by topics.

Google also made it easier for Hindi speakers to find news content.

The new “Search by topic” option will now let users filter news content for Hindi by “topic,” meaning topics for news stories or news stories for news, and topics for newswires.

Users will also find the Hindi-English search results pages are now available in English, and the search results for Hindi articles are available in Hindi as well.

The search results also now display in Hindi for all news articles.

For Hindi speakers, the new “Find new news” feature will help them find news articles and news stories they may not otherwise have found through other sources.

The Google News mobile app also has a new Hindi version of “news aggregator” for Indian and global audiences.

It’s currently only available in India.

For Indian users, Google has updated the mobile app to include “Find local news,” a feature that lets users search for local news articles from Hindi news websites, and for local and global news.

The news aggregator features news articles written by Hindi news writers.

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