How to get the 2018 calendar template from the Microsoft website

Microsoft has unveiled a new calendar template for the 2020 calendar.

The calendar template is a follow up to the calendar template created in 2014.

The new calendar calendar template allows you to use the Microsoft Calendar app to create and share your own calendars and events.

In this video, you can see how the calendar templates are created and the app uses them to create your own events and calendars.

The Microsoft Calendar App is a free app for Windows 10 PCs and Macs that brings a redesigned interface and calendar functionality.

You can use it to manage your calendar, add new calendars and create custom events and reminders.

The updated calendar template makes use of the calendar apps calendar template that has a simpler interface and a calendar calendar that is less cluttered.

It’s not yet available in the Microsoft Store.

Here are the full details of the 2018 Microsoft calendar template:To create a calendar:In the app, tap the calendar icon to create a new new calendar.

From the menu at the top, tap “Create Calendar”.

You can then add the event, event name and time that you want to include.

For example, you could create a custom event with a custom date, day and time and have the event appear on the calendar.

Once you have added events, you will be able to add reminders and manage your events.

The default settings are simple, with a simple calendar and a few actions.

You are then able to choose a name for the calendar, such as a calendar event or a calendar reminder.

You will then be able create and manage events.

You might notice a few new things, including a calendar in the calendar app that is not present in the original calendar.

This is because Microsoft is updating the calendar to allow it to be seen in the app.

To see the calendar in a new app:In another window, tap on the Calendar icon and select “Edit”.

The calendar is then opened and you can change the calendar name and calendar time that are used for the event and the calendar reminder that appear in the event.

You have also got the ability to create an event and an event reminder.

The events and the reminder are now available in a calendar.

To change the settings of the event reminder:From the calendar window, select the calendar item and select Edit.

Select “Show events and reminder”.

Select “Add to calendar”.

The events appear in a list and you have the ability select the event to be shown on the app calendar.

If you wish to change the name of the reminder, tap it to open the event notification.

From there, you are able to change any of the events and you will get an event notification in the notification center.

If this doesn’t work, open the app again and tap on “Edit calendar”.

Select the calendar that you wish the reminder to appear on.

From here, you have another option to change it to another name, or you can create the reminder and then share it on the social media site Facebook.

This new template will not work with Microsoft’s calendar calendar app.