How Israel is fighting back against ISIS, Al Qaeda, the West’s fake news

ISIS, the Syrian regime and Iran have united against Israel, and the only thing that Israel can do is fight back with its own propaganda, the latest of which has emerged in a series of videos posted by the Islamic State group (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

The videos, first posted on Monday and uploaded on Tuesday, were released as Israel continues its military campaign in Syria, in the latest blow to the Islamic militants group, which is backed by Iran and Russia.

The group’s self-proclaimed caliphate, which has been in existence since 2014, was declared by the group in May, but it has suffered setbacks in the years since, including the defeat of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Israel is leading a military operation to prevent IS from expanding its territory in the Golan Heights and Gaza Strip, and it has also launched airstrikes against Islamic State positions in the countrys south.

In the first video, posted on Tuesday afternoon, IS fighters were seen setting fire to cars, smashing windows and blowing up vehicles in a convoy of tanks, including an armored personnel carrier, in an attempt to capture the town of Azaz, located in the central Syrian province of Idlib.

A second video showed a truck bomb, apparently used by the extremists, exploding near a military base in the Syrian city of Hasaka, which the group uses as its base of operations.

The Islamic State has made similar claims of capture of large swathes of Syria in recent days, including in the capital Damascus, and on Tuesday night, IS claimed it had seized control of the town, which was seized by the Syrian Army a day earlier.IS has also made claims of taking large swaths of Syria, including Aleppo, which lies in a mountainous region between the Gobi Desert and the Mediterranean Sea.

The group has also captured a number of other areas of Syria as well as parts of Iraq and Syria, according to reports by Syrian opposition groups.

The attacks in Idlib and other parts of the country are part of the group’s larger campaign of attacks, which include suicide car bombs and car bombings that have killed hundreds of civilians in recent months.

The Syrian army, backed by Russian air power and Hezbollah fighters, has also taken significant gains in the past few weeks.

The military operation against IS, which began in late September, has already driven IS out of a number that it once controlled, including Idlib and the southern province of Latakia.

The Islamic State militants have retreated in both areas.

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