Why you’re better off not watching your kids’ videos, CBS News headline

You know when you’re watching a child’s video, you’re not necessarily watching it for the content?

Or, maybe you’re just not that into it?

The content of your child’s videos is not what’s going on with your mind.

But if you’re in that place, you should be watching it because that’s what makes you better off, CBS MoneyWatch reported.

In fact, a new study published by the University of British Columbia says you’re more likely to be in that “thinking” stage if you watch your kids videos than if you don’t.

According to the study, adults who watched at least 30 minutes of their children’s videos a week in 2015 reported less anxiety, lower anxiety levels, and higher levels of well-being than those who watched less than 20 minutes a week.

“Children’s videos are an important source of information for parents and a powerful tool for children and parents to engage with each other,” said lead author, Christine Friesen, in a statement to CBS Moneywatch.

“The content of their videos, their emotional state, and their thoughts, feelings, and feelings of others can be informative and valuable to a child and their parents.”

Friese also found that children’s video content was rated as “a significant factor in reducing stress, reducing negative emotions, increasing social support, and increasing positive emotions.”