Pumpkin-themed Halloween decor for kids could cost up to $10K

This year’s Halloween theme is “pumpkins.”

The idea is that the decor for the Halloween event, which will run through Nov. 21, will be based on a pumpkin.

Some of the decorations will be designed by local designers and others will be built by companies in Canada.

The theme will feature a pumpkin carving and decorations that look like the one from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

The decoration will cost $10,000 and can include a pumpkin-shaped snowman, pumpkin-themed costumes, a pumpkin tree and more.

There will be an estimated 250,000 people attending the event.

In addition to the decorations, there will be food vendors and vendors selling local produce.

The event will be hosted by the Canadian Association of Community Kitchen, which has been working to develop the theme.

There is a $1.5-million fund to help with the event, and the government is offering to provide the $10-million grant.

The funding will go towards the cost of the decoration, the cost for the food vendors, and other costs.

The government is also looking at adding a special display for the event to help raise awareness about community and local food and food services, said Lisa Hargrave, spokesperson for the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

The federal government said it will be using the funds to help fund the program.

A special event is planned for Nov. 24, the day before Halloween, and will include the carving of a pumpkin and other food and entertainment for the community, including children.

The program will be led by the Ontario-based Community Food Kitchen.

The idea for the pumpkin carving came from the Ontario Food Development Corp. of Ontario, which works to improve food and nutrition in the province, Hargrive said.

“The idea was to create a pumpkin in honour of our community, to celebrate the love of food in Ontario and to help promote the good work that is happening in our community.”

For more information, go to: www.communityfoodkitchen.ca/halloween.