When does MTV News go digital?

Posted February 04, 2020 11:16:22While MTV’s news division is still a part of the MTV empire, that’s changing soon.

The network has plans to begin using Google Docs for its digital platform and is also working with Adobe to enable Adobe Flash, a technology that has been used for years on the internet.

The plan for Google Doc-powered video will come from the creators of MTV’s “Boomtown” video series, who want the channel to use Google Doc for its news.

MTV’s move to digital follows other brands such as ABC, ESPN, and the Los Angeles Times all adding to their platforms for the benefit of their users.

In its statement, MTV says: “MTV is committed to delivering a diverse, inclusive and accessible news experience to our users, and will soon be using Google to enable this feature.

The integration will be made possible by Adobe’s Adobe Flash Player, which is available to consumers worldwide.”

The channel says that Adobe Flash will be available for purchase in April.