How to build a timeline template for Facebook

From the very first page, Facebook has built a timeline to help you stay in touch with your friends and loved ones.

The platform’s creators have been using it for years, but now, you can use it to create your own timeline, as well as embed your timeline into your Facebook pages.

Here’s how to create a timeline on Facebook.1.

Click the Edit menu at the top of the page.2.

Click “Add Timeline.”3.

Choose your timeline, which will look like this:4.

On the Timeline dropdown menu, choose “Add New Timeline.”5.

You’ll be prompted to enter the date, time, and location of the event.6.

Choose a date, and then choose a time.7.

You can add more events later on by clicking “Add More Events.”8.

Add an event by clicking on the “Add Event” button at the bottom of the screen.9.

The event will be highlighted in the timeline.10.

Click on the Add event button to start adding events to your timeline.11.

To view the timeline on your Facebook timeline, click the “Edit Timeline” link on the top right.12.

From the timeline, scroll down to your “Events” section, and click “Edit.”13.

You should see your timeline highlighted in a new tab.14.

Click any of the events you want to include in your timeline on the bottom right.15.

To add your timeline to a Facebook page, click “Add Page” and then “Add Facebook Timeline.”16.

You may want to check the “Events Only” box for events that are not visible to you in your Timeline.17.

From there, select your Facebook page and click the blue “Add” button.18.

Your Timeline will now appear on your page, as shown in the image below.19.

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