Why Canada should join in the U.S.-China trade war

By Laura Rehman ByLaura RehmansPublished March 07, 2020 12:58:54Canada has become a key player in the trade war between the United States and China, which is now at the centre of the U:C.K. deal with the United Kingdom.

The Harper government announced last week it was scrapping the U-K.

agreement, but Canada has remained a major player in U.C.S. talks.

Last year, the Harper government also pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a pact with 11 other nations in the Pacific Rim that seeks to limit trade with countries that don’t sign onto the deal.

Canada has said it wants to join the TPP, and is seeking a bilateral free trade agreement with the U.-K.

Under the TPP rules, Canada is not allowed to impose tariffs on Chinese imports.

The Canadian government has said a free trade deal with China would create more jobs and help to strengthen the Canadian economy.

The U.K.’s move on Monday came after Prime Minister Theresa May, a Conservative, announced she would back a U.B.C.-led free trade pact with China.

She told parliament that Canada is open to a free and open trade agreement between Canada and China and that she expects the United states to be part of the negotiations.

The prime minister also said Canada would welcome Chinese investment in Canada’s agricultural sector, something the Harper administration has previously refused to discuss.

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