What you need to know about Wix and Google’s new templates

Wix, the world’s first open source WordPress theme, has announced a new version of its template engine, Wix.

The new Wix 2.0 is the result of months of work from Wix developers, and it is the latest of several WordPress-based template engines, including WP-Engine and WP-Flex, that Wix is working on.

Wix is a free, open source, web-based, open-source WordPress theme engine, and has a number of features that Google has used in its own Google+ platform for its social media and collaboration tools.

Wax templates are a template system that can be used to build complex, responsive layouts that are designed for both mobile and desktop.

They have been a popular choice for websites for years, but Wix offers more features than others.

Wx template engines offer a range of features including responsive design, CSS3 animation, and support for WordPress and other plugins.

Wix adds some of those features, and adds a number more.

There are a number features that WIX offers in Wix2.0, such as support for WP-Scripts and the Wix WordPress Plugin, Wx, and an option to use Wix with Google’s WP-template engine.

Wx offers some additional features, including a full version control system and the ability to build WordPress themes in an HTML file.

In addition, WIX has a new widget, Wax Widget, which can be useful for designers or developers who want to create a widget for a WordPress theme.

Wux is an open source theme engine with an open community.

Wax has been used to create some of the best responsive and responsive-friendly WordPress themes on the web.

Wox is available for download and is free to use.

The Wix team has made the announcement on Twitter, writing that Wx is available now, and that it is free, which is a big deal.

WX also has a free version, which you can use for personal use.

In Wix’s blog post, Wux developers also announced that they are working on another plugin, Wex, that will be a fully-fledged plugin that allows you to easily add custom Wix features, such a responsive layout, CSS animations, and more.

The Wex plugin is scheduled to be released in Q3 2017.

Wex is an advanced plugin for Wix that will allow you to add custom widget functionality, such responsive layout features and more, and will allow for more customization and customization options in the future.

The blog post also details Wix templates in Wex 2.x.WEx 2.3.x is currently being tested on Wix 1.x and is expected to be fully released in March 2017.

The theme engine team said that Wex is “the next big step in WIX 2.5.”

It also said that “Wix 2 is a new template engine for WIX that is fully responsive, open, and flexible.

Wex lets you quickly add new features to Wix while maintaining a simple, responsive design and experience.”

Wix has been featured on the front page of Google’s Google+ blog.

WIX is also available for free on WordPress.com and can be downloaded from Google’s website.