Crypto-currency company Blockchain has released its own version of Microsoft Word template for presentations, including slide show slides.

Crypto-currencies company Blockchain announced today that it has released a version of its Microsoft Word presentation template.

The presentation template has been updated to provide slide show, text, and presentation elements for presentations.

The new Microsoft Word document template is based on the “Microsoft Word 2016” version of the document template, which was released in April 2016.

The new Microsoft Office document template was released by Microsoft in May 2016, a little over two years after Blockchain announced its own document template.

The “Microsoft Office 2016” document template can be found in the Microsoft Word 2016 download section of the Microsoft website.

Blockchain’s new document template includes slides and a table of contents.

It can also be used as a reference in Microsoft Word, which includes a section entitled “Microsoft Workplace Document Template.”

Blockchain’s new template includes a “Visual Presentation” section.

The Visual Presentation section shows slide decks, text boxes, and other presentations.

A new slide deck has been added to the list of slides in the new document templates.

In addition to presenting slides, Blockchain has also added a “Text Presentation.”

This presentation section shows slides, text and presentation items for text presentations.

The text presentation has been enhanced with a font size and color theme.

Blockchain has also created a new slide-show template that is identical to the Microsoft Office presentation template, but it is a PowerPoint presentation template that has a slide list for each presentation item.

It also includes a table with slide show elements for each slide.

In the new presentation templates, Microsoft Word provides a template for slides, as well as a template to create slides and text slides.

This allows for easy editing of slides, which can be used to create presentation slides in Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Word can be edited and exported as a PowerPoint file or as a PDF file, but Microsoft PowerPoint is not supported by Blockchain.

Blockchains presentation templates are designed for presentations at conferences, conferences with large numbers of attendees, and any conference that is scheduled to have multiple presentations.

Microsoft has not announced if it will continue supporting Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations in the future.