Feds file $20M civil suit against cribbage manufacturer for alleged deceptive advertising

Feds have filed a civil suit in U.S. District Court against a company that allegedly violated federal advertising law by using misleading slogans and misleading letters.

Agency spokesman Mark Bowers said the suit was filed Monday against the U.K.-based company, Covid-19 Inc., alleging violations of the Federal Fair Dealing Act and the Communications Decency Act.

The suit was one of several brought against the company in recent months, Bowers added.

The FTC has launched a separate investigation into the company’s marketing practices, according to Bowers.

The suit alleges that Covid is a distributor of products for a national company and has distributed products to cribbage companies.

In addition to cribberies, Covids products include “biohazard” labels, “fear” labels and “lone wolf” labels.

“Covid has not engaged in deceptive or unfair business practices,” Bowers wrote in an email.

“As alleged, Covido’s deceptive, misleading and deceptive acts and practices have caused cribbage manufacturers to believe that Covids cribbage products are safe and effective, and have led to substantial harm to consumers.”

In a blog post, Covidity’s general counsel, Tim Bostick, called the suit a “misguided” lawsuit and said the company had no intention of hurting consumers.

The company declined to comment.

The FTC’s complaint against Covid says the company used the term “cribbage” and other misleading labels to mislead consumers.

“The FTC’s Complaint alleges that Defendant Covid has marketed cribbage as a safe and efficacious food supplement, but that is not true,” the complaint reads.

“Instead, the company has promoted cribbage to consumers as an effective food supplement.”

In addition to the cribbage case, the FTC is also investigating Covid’s marketing of biohazard labels, fear labels and lone wolf labels.

Bostick said Covid would defend itself in court.