Which memes are the best?

The meme of the year, which has become the most shared on Twitter this year, is the #TheResistance, a slogan coined by actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus in response to Donald Trump.

It began circulating on the social network in December, when the presidential candidate took to Twitter to denounce the protests in Baltimore.

But the meme also quickly spread to other popular social media platforms, with fans including actress Ellen DeGeneres, rapper Kanye West and comedian John Oliver sharing it on Twitter.

“What if we made the #Resistance into a meme?”

Oliver tweeted.

“We’d be in the top 10, right?”

West replied.

In a tweet, he wrote: “What would the Resistance look like?”

He continued: “It would be the only thing you have that will stand the test of time.” 

Theres a #Resist in every meme.

It would be in every single meme.

#Theresistance �� – ��E!

News (@ENews) February 16, 2021 Theres a meme of this magnitude trending on Twitter every minute.

But it’s not the first time the meme has been used to mock President Donald Trump and his administration.

In December, rapper Kendrick Lamar wrote a song titled “I Got Em”, which said “I got em” in a mockingly sarcastic tone.