When does a new comic book hit?

A new comic by Brian Azzarello and Jeff Lemire hits shelves on May 1.

The two writers of The Tick and The Punisher are set to join forces on the book, which they wrote together in 2010.

Both will return to the creative team they created together for the upcoming The Punishment comic book, set to hit comic shops this summer.

Azzarelli and Lemire, who co-created and run the comic books The Tick, The Punishers, and the Punisher: First Class, will be working with longtime collaborator Mikel Janin.

The series has seen Azzirello and Janin collaborate on comic book stories before.

Lemire will also be taking on a prominent role in the book.

The Punishment will feature four stories by Azzorello, one from Janin, one each from writer Mike Mignola, artist Matt Hollingsworth, and colorist Mike Mazzuca.

Azz’s story is set in a world that’s changed, while Mignula’s story sees an alternate future in which people are forced to fight over resources, and Hollingswear’s story takes place in a futuristic city.

Mignola and Hollingwear will be joined by colorist Alex Maleev, who will draw a special cover that will feature both artists.

The comic book will feature two covers, a cover that’s already been teased on social media, and one featuring artist Tyler Crook.

The cover for the first issue will be revealed on May 16, with the second issue set to release May 23.

The book is slated for a release on June 16.