Apple slides show ‘disruptive’ mobile devices, with no iOS 6 launch

A slide from Apple’s latest product page has been spotted in a new leak from the Chinese online publication the South China Morning Post.

The slide features a new Apple Watch and a new Mac Pro.

It does not explain why the new Apple watch has a white faceplate, or why the Mac Pro is missing a keyboard dock.

The new Mac will have a 5K display, and has an integrated Intel Skylake processor, according to the slide.

It will also come with a USB-C port.

The Apple Watch is not included in the leak.

Apple has not announced an official iOS 6 release date.

But it has said that the next version of the OS will arrive in the fall.

The Mac Pro will be a different model, and it will feature a 12.3-inch display.

The company has not revealed any details about pricing, availability, or any release date for the new Macs.

The Watch will come with an optional USB-A port, and will support charging.