“I’d like to help my friend” – “I wouldn’t want to help him”

By Matt Serna, The Associated Press Google is building a team of 10,000 software engineers to help customers with more complex software problems.The move comes amid the broader rollout of Android and a push to improve customer service.Google says it’s hiring more than 10,200 software engineers, up from 9,500 in August.The company also said it […] →Read more

Why is a new class of student-loan debtors so lucrative?

Student-loans are a lucrative source of income for people on the edge, but a new trend has emerged where people are borrowing to pay for things they don’t need.In the latest ABC News Online Money blog, MoneyWatch Australia’s executive director, Mark Cianfrance, explores why student-debtors are finding ways to make a lot of money.The trend […] →Read more

How to Get A $300 Gift Certificate Template With WordPress: This Template Will Make Your Blog A Better Site Without Your Help

WordPress has always been known for making content more easy to use and get access to, but the platform also has a new and improved gift certificate tool.The gift certificate templates featured in this post are designed to help you save money and increase conversion rate on your blog.In the following article, we’ll walk through […] →Read more

How to write an executive summary template

by Michael DeGroot, senior director of corporate social responsibility at the United Way of Greater Phoenix, said the template is used by hundreds of organizations each year to provide the public with valuable information about its employees and their work, such as how they spend their days and how their pay is distributed.“This template allows […] →Read more

Which SpongeBob memes are you most likely to see on YouTube?

In a world where SpongeBob meme creator PewDiePie has become an international phenomenon, we wanted to find out which memes are the most popular on YouTube.So, we compiled a list of the most-viewed videos of all time.Here’s how we found them.1.SpongeBob’s Big Splash – 1.7 billion viewsThis video was created in 2015.It’s a parody of […] →Read more

Why I hate pumpkin carving templates

By Chris TillyEditor Chris Tillo is a Senior Editor at IGN and a proud member of IGN’s Staff Writers Team.He is also a HUGE pumpkin-crawler.His first book is a guide to the pumpkin carving industry, and he’s a fan of the pumpkin craze.You can find him on Twitter and Instagram. →Read more

Why Canada should join in the U.S.-China trade war

By Laura Rehman ByLaura RehmansPublished March 07, 2020 12:58:54Canada has become a key player in the trade war between the United States and China, which is now at the centre of the U:C.K. deal with the United Kingdom.The Harper government announced last week it was scrapping the U-K.agreement, but Canada has remained a major player […] →Read more

Business card template for your business

The template for a business card can be a great way to showcase your business and help you sell it.The template has been developed by Business Card Template and it has a variety of options for business cards to showcase different aspects of your business.Here are some tips to help you decide which business card […] →Read more

When will your kids be able to go to the internet?

article How much of your kids’ life will be impacted by social media?As you age, your kids might grow up with more information on their devices than you do, which can create challenges for them.This is where free website templates come in handy.In addition to being able to create personalized content for your kids, they […] →Read more

How to use Jeopardy Powerpoint Template

Jeopardys answer to a few common questions will help you get a feel for the show’s format.Here’s what you need to know.1.Jeopardies Question: Who is the smartest man on the planet?Answer: The answer is: Jimmy Kimmel.The answer to that question was revealed on Wednesday when Kimmel, the host of the popular talk show Jimmy Kimmel […] →Read more